Terms & Condition


Thank you for referring your friends, family, neighbors and pet poodle to HostGreat. As a token of our thanks, we invite you to participate in our referral program (the “Referral Program”). You shall be eligible for the following amounts in the form of prepaid credit cards for each Eligible Referral (as set out below).
For each 1 bedroom flat, $150
For each 2 bedroom flat, $250
For each 3 & higher bedroom flat, $350
A referral shall be considered as an “Eligible Referral” if it meets the following terms and conditions:

  1. The person referred by you must enter into a contract with HostGreat to manage their property on or before 31st May 2017 and shall provide at least 6 weeks of continuous availability or 42 days, whichever is higher, for bookings before 31st December 2017 at an “Eligible Property” on AirBnB or other such property letting websites where HostGreat operates, on a fully managed basis.
  2. An Eligible Property shall be a property which is located within an area that HostGreat services and meets the eligibility criteria of HostGreat which relates to average daily rate achievable, the condition of the property and any such factors affecting the saleability of the property. The final decision on whether a property referred by the referring individual qualifies as an Eligible Property rests on the sole discretion of HostGreat.
  3. A referral of the referee’s primary residence will not be considered an Eligible Referral.
  4. The reward credit card cannot be exchanged for cash or other consideration nor can be combined with any other offers.
  5. The Referral Program is only applicable to Eligible Referrals provided after 20th December 2016.
  6. Each referee that qualifies under the Referral Program shall receive their credit card via mail once the Eligible Property completes their minimum contractual term with HostGreat as per clause 1.
  7. The referral credit card shall be paid only once per Eligible Property, only for up to 25 such Eligible Properties referred by an individual referee and based on the program active in the city of the Eligible Referral. In case a referral for an Eligible Property is received from two referees, the individual who sent the referral via this Referral Program first will be the only referee eligible for the credit card under the Referral Program.
  8. In the case of any disputes, you agree, as we do, to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the BC courts.